Mineralogie Pressed Eyeshadow “Sultry”


Product code: 11639-1-4

Take your favourite pressed mineral eye shadow wherever you go with our new Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Compact. Your “go-to shade” is always at the ready and you can change your shadow of choice at any time as our case is magnetised! Take your shimmer shadow along for a special night or your favourite matte to keep your look natural throughout the day.

  • Pressed with Sweet Almond Oil
  • Provides long lasting results
  • Crease resistant
  • Pigments rich in colour and blend beautifully
  • Added Vitamins E and A as well as Aloe & Rosemary help to soothe and protect the eye area
  • Hypo-allergenic; it won’t irritate the eye area
  • Can be used wet as a liquid eye liner.