DMK Eye Tone Wrinkle Reducing Eye Contour Lotion 15ml

Product code: DMK Eye Tone 15ml

A synergistic approach to eye care, DMK Eye Tone creme targets dark circles, fine lines, and red, puffy and sapless bags.  The primary focus of Eye Tone is to revise the skin around the eyes to encourage it to function like it did when it was young. Eye Tone aims to re-educate the fragile eye area, restoring and firming the skin, relaxing wrinkles and fine lines. Eye Tone can also be used as a strengthening neck creme.

Size: 15ml

Key Ingredients

  • Beta gluca: to stimulate and re-educate traumatised tissue
  • Ascorbyl glucoside: a stabilised form of vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic acid: hydrates tissue and promotes healthy cellular function
  • Rutin: assists in decreasing capillary fragility
  • Squalane: helps to reduce swelling
  • Seabuckthorn oil: a nutrient-rich oil known for its healing properties and ability to revise fragile capillaries.