DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum 30ml

Product code: DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum 30ml

Revise your skin with this synergistic blend of stabilised vitamin C. Recommended for men and women of all ages, Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum revises wrinkles and fine lines, working towards a brighter skin tone and firmer texture.

DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C serum contains a specially designed high concentration of a pharmaceutical grade blend of vitamin C, three additional powerful antioxidants and vitamin B4, which is added for faster and superior revision.

Recommended for most skin types, Direct Delivery Vitamin C is suitable for assisting in the revision of environmental ageing, sun damage, fine lines and scarring.


  • improves your skin’s texture, firmness and bounce
  • reduces visible signs of ageing
  • lifts sagging skin
  • lightens and brightens the skin
  • faster healing and repair of damaged skin tissue
  • essential for treating scarring, pigmentation and environmental damage

Can be used everywhere under all DMK products anytime!

Size: 30ml