DMK Hydrating Masque 60ml

Product code: DMK Alpha Hydrating Masque 60ml

Good hydration is essential for healthy, youthful looking skin. Add the bounce back to your skin with the DMK Alpha Hydrating Masque. Skins with transepidermal water loss are prone to inflammation, irritation and sensitivity. By restoring optimal amounts of water back into the skin we prevent and eliminate these problems and encourage a healthier, calmer, stronger, firmer more youthful skin.

With this unique masque and ingredient blend we are also re-establishing cellular functioning and preventing premature aging fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrating masque not only hydrates and nourishes the skin, it also establishes the barriers to prevent further dehydration.

It works by restoring the interstitial liquid of the epidermis, plumping the skin giving it back that youthful bounce, leaving a firmer more replenished looking tissue.


  • restores hydration and vitality
  • prevents skin dehydration
  • retards and prevents premature ageing
  • eliminates wrinkles and fine lines
  • fights against the damaging effects of free radicals
  • soothes and calms, reduces inflammation and irritation
  • restores balance to eliminate sensitivity
  • promotes healing and skin health

Size: 60ml