DMK Travel Size Acu-Moist SPF15 15ml

Product code: DMK Acu-Moist SPF15 15ml

A light hydrating moisture-occluding lotion ideally suited for cystic inflamed acne and oily congested skin, and anyone experiencing over- drying of the skin caused by acne treatments or persons looking for a non-oily light skin moisture occluding crème.  Acu-Moist  restores hydration, reduces inflammation and encourages healing, while aiding in rebalancing oily congested skin. It also helps to alleviate the flaking and drying effects caused by drying acne treatments. This essential 15ml size is perfect for travel.

Acu-Moist is an important step in the Acu-System routine and should be used following Acu-Mist for best results. Acu-Moist is paraben-, sulfate- and benzoyl peroxide-free.

Size 15ml Essential Travel Size
Also comes in 50ml size